Hand Quilting and Pillow Quilts – A Fun and Creative Way to Spend Your Holiday

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hand quilting

Hand quilting fills the room with beautiful little quilting stitches for density, soft curves and incredible detail. When done properly, there are no big, bulky, un-quilled areas left behind.

This original pillow was the first try at quilting a few years back. Now I have a second pillow made from this quilt. It’s just as cute. It’s also very durable and great for quilts. This is my favourite quilt.

Basic Quilting

In case you haven’t tried a quilt before, it’s really easy. You just sew up the pieces and place them together. Then you sew in the quilt border. Now you simply start stitching in the layers, starting with the outside and working your way in. Your quilt will start to look like one solid block, as opposed to being three different quilt blocks. There’s no need to sew extra stitches or hem your edges.

To make a quilt from a pillow, all you need is a basic quilt pattern, a pillow and some thread. The pattern will include details like the size and shape of the quilt blocks, the number of colours in the quilt and other details like the stitching design and even a stitch count. Once you’ve bought your quilt pattern, you can begin making your quilt. The best part is it’s so easy you can quilt over again and then have your pillow to use as well.

hand quilting

Stitching a Quilt

To begin stitching a quilt from a pillow, simply take your fabric scissors and cut strips of fabric the same length as the pillow. Then, use the fabric glue to secure the strips together. This creates a pillow-like quilt.

If you’re ready to make your first pillow, you’ll need to gather all your supplies. First, you’ll need to buy an old pillow. If you don’t have one, you can borrow from a friend or even pawn something off someone.

Then you need a needle, fabric glue, iron, some hand quilters, quilter’s pins, and a sewing machine and thread and some hand quilter’s batting to give your quilt some texture. If your quilt already has a smooth finish it will look more real if you add some quilt batting. If you want to add some texture, you can also add some felt to your batting for that extra measure of warmth. If you don’t have a lot of batting, you can get it at a craft store. You’ll also need a lot of thread, a small brush, some batting scissors and a small crochet hook or you can borrow some from your friend, a friend may be around. Or, if you don’t have time, you can always go to a quilt store and purchase quilt batting.

Now get out your sewing machine and sew the batting into the pillow. You’ll need to make two or three layers of batting if you have more than one person helping you, or if you want the pillow to be a little larger. Then attach a few buttons at the back and top of the pillow. Then you need to sew the fabric glue onto the buttonholes and sew the buttons onto the batting. Using your needle and sew the needle and fabric glue to the pillow, and then sew the pillow to the batting. If you need to, use a small comb to remove any stray quilt batting. Lastly, you need to turn your pillow over and press it flat. You may want to press it until it gets a nice even layer on all sides. Now you just need to sew the seams together, and it’s ready to hang or store it. In the attic of your house, or even in the garage or if you have space for it, you could even hang it outside and leave it for the year or wait for spring to come and enjoy the beauty of your new pillow quilt or wait for summer to come and watch the beauty of the sunshine through your newly decorated pillow. and enjoy the comfort of your quilt or wait until winter… When you’re too cold to move or wait until you’ve earned some money to buy a new pillow or wait till you’re too broke to buy a new pillow or wait for a gift certificate for the next Christmas or last Christmas..or next Valentine’s Day, because you’ve been waiting to buy one for someone else for a while, who knows, it may be too late.

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