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Tips for Applique


  • Sew with small stitches (both hand and machine work), especially with very curvy or complicated shapes.

  • Use thread that matches the colour of the patch instead of the background fabric.

  • There's no need to turn under or sew the edges that will be hidden when the appliqué is complete. Layer the appliqué patches before you begin sewing so you can tell which edges will be covered by another piece. Flat allowances under upper patches make smoother top pieces as well. Dotted lines in the illustration indicate the edges that do not need turn-under preparation.

  • When sewing by hand, pin the patches from underneath the project. Thread cannot catch on the pins and your thread remains tangle-free.

  • When sewing by hand, stitch into the background just under the fold of the appliqué. This helps hide the stitching.