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Helpful Tips & Hints

Our site is filled with hints and tips to make things easier. This section is dedicated to ways to make Machine Quilting a little easier and help you get the perfect finish to your new quilt.

As well as our general Archives of Tips, we have included some especially important tips for Hand Quilters. These tips are very important for beginners, and who knows, maybe even advanced quilters may find some inspiration here.

Need more inspiration and idea's for your patchwork quilting, here's 50 for you!!

A handy go-to for Sewing tips. We will add to these tips, or if you have any great idea's we would love to hear them.

You may think Cutting is an easy task, although there are some tricks to getting it just right.

If you are not familiar with Applique on quilts, here's a tips guide to help you. We will add more to this list, or if you have some ripper suggestions, send us a line.