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Knitting Needles, Circular Knitting Needles, Crochet Hooks, Quilting Thread, Scissors (sewing, embroidery), Stranded Cotton, Tapestry Wool, Sewing Needles, Quilting Pins, Sewing Storage Boxes.
We also stock; Cutting Mats/Cutters, Bernina Sewing Machines & Accessories, Buttons, Ribbons, Batting, Pellum, Vilene, Toy Fill, Aida Cloths & Linens, Embroidery Needles, Tulle &Homespun - If there's any of these you wish to request, email us here and we can send you a Paypal Invoice for your order.
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Our Price: $14.95
Circular Addi Needles - Premium quality Addi circular needles made in Germany.
We recommend this quality brand to all our customers.buy Circular Addi Needles
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Our Price: $4.95
Crochet Hooks - We have an extensive range of Crochet Hooks at The Blue Box. From the smallest size of 0.60mm to a very large 15.00mm for any ply or style you are wanting to achieve. Prices start at $3.95ea.buy Crochet Hooks
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Our Price:
DMC Stranded Cotton - Quality embroidery cotton used for Applique,  Cross Stitch,  Tapestry,  Embroidery and Friendship Bracelets. A very popular haberdashery item. $1.60ea.buy DMC Stranded Cotton
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Our Price: $9.95
Embroid Sml Scissor - These Birch Embroidery Scissors are made from High Quality Stainless Steel with fully ground blades. Are comfortable,  soft with ergonomic handle and easy to use.buy Embroid Sml Scissor
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Our Price: $9.95
Embroidery Scissors - buy Embroidery Scissors
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Our Price: $14.95
French Knitter - buy French Knitter
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Our Price:
Knitting Needles - We have an extensive range of Knitting Needles. From sizes 2.00mm up to 20.00mm. And in most sizes,  can choose plastic,  bone,  bamboo or steel needles. Prices start at $3.95.buy Knitting Needles
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Our Price: $8.95
Quilting Pins - The handiest Quilting Pins that we have found. There are 300 in each packet.buy Quilting Pins
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Our Price:
Quilting Thread - This cotton variegated quilting thread is a must to try on one-colour-way quilts to busy-coloured quilts. It looks divine and really makes your quilt look professional. $10.95ea.buy Quilting Thread
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Our Price: $1.95
Wool Needles - THE ideal wool needle. From repairing woolen items to sewing up new knitted garments and tying up loose ends,  this needle is a must.buy Wool Needles